Having a direct link to your Google Business Review makes it more convenient for your customers. They no longer need to look your business up, click around, and then type up a review. It's a great way to remove additional barriers to getting reviews!

Directly linking to Google Review makes it easy for your customers.

2 Steps to Getting Your Direct Link:

1. Look up your Google Place ID

Visit Google Place API and look up your business/place. Copy the Place ID.

If you can't find your place, make sure you have a Google Business Listing.

2. Combine with Google Review URL

Paste your Google Place ID behind this url "https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid="

In my case I ended up with


Once you have this unique url, you can use it in emails, social media posts and on your website.

Nancy Lin

I'm an entrepreneur trained in engineering and finance. I enjoy designing systems.
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