Having a direct link to your Google Business Review makes it more convenient for your customers. They no longer need to look your business up, click around, and then type up a review. It's a great way to remove additional barriers to getting reviews!

Directly linking to Google Review makes it easy for your customers.

2 Steps to Getting Your Direct Link:

1. Look up your Google Place ID

Visit Google Place API and look up your business/place. Copy the Place ID.

If you can't find your place, make sure you have a Google Business Listing.

2. Combine with Google Review URL

Paste your Google Place ID behind this url "https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid="

In my case I ended up with


Once you have this unique url, you can use it in emails, social media posts and on your website.

Nancy Lin

I'm a new mom & an entrepreneur trained in engineering and finance. I enjoy designing systems.
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