I started learning computer science in January. For the last 3 months I have been taking CPSC 101 with teenagers (yup, first year university students), I thought it might be horrible… but it has been great! (More on that another time).

Time Management Was Challenging

Learning a completely new topic in my 30's has been an interesting experience so far. The most challenging part was making the time for all of the school work while working. But now that I got into the habit of making some time for it during the week, I found myself with quite a lot of extra time since the course wrapped last Friday.

Attempting Online Courses

I started looking around on Lynda.com. But I found some weakness with online learning at this early stage and found myself leaning more towards lecture style classes (more on that another time).

Luckily, there are online courses in full length lecture format, and I started another course – CS50X on web development.

One nice thing about this course is that web development is much easier to share online. You can see my first project here. It's build using HtML and Bootstrap4, and hosted directly on GitHub. I upload it using git command on the terminal, so this is definitely an improvement compared to my CPSC 101 final project, where we still relayed on UI to use git.

My first Bootstrap website

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I'm a new mom & an entrepreneur trained in engineering and finance. I enjoy designing systems.
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